We support the evolution of the telecommunications industry by providing unparalleled insight into global manufacturing, ensuring that our clients are able to match the pace of wireless technology development.

By developing database systems which record component technical data in a standard format, our platform allows instant cross-comparison between manufacturer designs. Advanced filtering mechanisms allow users to quickly narrow down from thousands of items to only those which match the criteria sought. We work with over 160 manufacturers across the globe to bring together some of the world's most unique and highest performing 4G / 5G systems.

As a specialist antenna supplier, we have developed one of the world's most comprehensive database of antenna manufacturers, including well-known brands, niche hardware developers, and OEM factories. A selection of both popular and hard-to-find antennas are exhibited here for your consideration.

With access to any brand and manufacturer across the globe our firm can meet your RF adapter request no matter how challenging - from off-the-shelf, to intricate custom designs, to custom milled and moulded.

Our firm has access to the most comprehensive range of RF connectors; spanning the cost effective for mass consumption, to precision laboratory, hermetically sealed, thermovac, and outgassing compliant for aerospace applications.

With access to any brand and manufacturer across the globe our firm can supply an unmatched portfolio of RF transmission cables and cable assemblies.