Eigenlink - World's Fastest UE

In the interest of limiting speculation, we are confirming the existence of our High Speed Antenna Array (HSAA) project, titled Eigenlink.

Leveraging years of experience in developing long range wireless systems and with our finger on the pulse of emerging cellular technologies, we set out to build the world’s fastest and longest range mobile broadband device.

The Problem

A key challenge facing operators to the rollout of 5G is limited spectrum availability. Network operators have been continually forced to use higher and higher frequency ranges, shrinking the coverage area with each upgrade.

With mmWave 5G (26 to 28 GHz) proving extremely difficult to commercialise, over 85% of operators (April 2019) have resorted to using the 3.5 GHz band (3300 to 3800 MHz). Previously the 3.5 GHz band was rarely seen outside WiMAX and other Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) technologies, mobility at these frequencies was considered unthinkable.

While the availability of large channel sizes has provided spectacular data speeds over 3.5 GHz, coverage range continues to be a seemingly impossible hurdle to surpass.

The Solution

The technologies behind 4G and 5G have continued to develop in unison. Using the right equipment 5G performance can be achieved over an existing 4G network with potentially a three-fold increase in coverage area. In the coming months we will be conducting laboratory demonstrations, followed by live network demonstrations of our High Speed Array unit.

This unit, which we’ve called Eigenlink, will showcase the thunderous, multi-gigabit potential of Fixed Access LTE. Eigenlink could prove to be the final puzzle-piece in the inevitable convergence of Wireless-ISP networks and cellular technology.

Media Enquiries

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Eigenlink HSAA prototype, pixellated for media release
Eigenlink HSAA Prototype, pixellated for media release