Aerosig - Balloon Connectivity

Launching soon. Pre-release information will be disclosed here.

Aerosig is a balloon based mobile network repeater which can be floated to heights above 200 metres, capturing and boosting weak 4G signals, and rebroadcasting them towards users on the ground.

Modern 4G and 5G networks are not limited by distance. Voice and data services are available in excess of 200 kilometres from a cell tower. In practice however, range is generally limited to about 30 kilometres due to terrain, forest, earth curvature, and thermal fade. The Aerosig can simply be floated above these obstructions and beyond the thermal layer to provide uninterrupted connection.

To extend service availability further, additional ground-based systems can be aimed towards the Aerosig to provide localised mobile coverage hotspots.

Aerosig is also ideal for providing high speed internet services to otherwise unreachable locations. The electronics module is available outfitted with a 4G / 5G modem or point-to-multipoint receiver, and a WiFi air-to-ground link to achieve high data rate connectivity even in extremely remote areas.

The Aerosig system includes a trailer subsystem which provides the necessary regassing equipment and operates as a ground station for any required communications systems. GPS tracking and monitoring options are available. Systems can be built to emergency service specifications and defence / mil standards.

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