We're connecting the world. Combining our experience in tracking mobile technology development with years of antenna manufacturing, we have set out to build a series of systems that stand to revolutionise cellular voice and broadband connectivity.

Two distinct challenges face technology developers today.

Demand Outpaces Supply

With mobile internet traffic already accounting for over 49% of global internet usage, mobile data demand is exploding at a 46% compounded annual growth rate (Statista, 2019). Electromagnetic spectrum, the underlying asset which powers wireless internet, is however an extremely finite resource. Mobile Network Operators are faced with a situation where, despite modest improvements in radio access technologies, creative solutions are required in order to meet demand.

Today's fast-paced business environment is powered by resource-intensive cloud applications. The digital workforce demands gigabit connectivity, everywhere. With 5G frequency bands unable to reach those who need it, and WISP networks too cumbersome and slow to roll-out, the need for a system that can be deployed instantly, everywhere, is urgent.

The Digital Divide

There is an estimated 3.7 billion people, 49% of the world's population, without access to internet connectivity (ITU, 2018). However, nearly 96% of the global population live within the theoretical reach of a mobile network. Very clearly an opportunity exists to extend internet access to a further three billion people using mobile technology.

Network access can be quickly extended using deployable external antenna systems designed to pick up distant or weak signals and either rebroadcast in a local area at full strength, or provide internet access in the form of a cabled or WiFi network.

Leveraging years of experience in developing long range wireless systems and with our finger on the pulse of emerging cellular technologies, we set out to build the world’s fastest and longest range mobile broadband device.

Launching soon. Pre-release information will be disclosed here.

Aerosig is a balloon based mobile network repeater which can be floated to heights above 200 metres, capturing and boosting weak 4G signals, and rebroadcasting them towards users on the ground.

Launching soon. Pre-release information will be disclosed here.

Instant, deployable mobile phone services. The Cel-Cow system detects weak 3G and 4G signals and uses its integrated repeater units rebroadcasts mobile services at full strength throughout the local area.

For permanent / semi-permanent 3G / 4G coverage solutions, a Cel-Pod tripod tower can be installed in a matter of hours. Cel-Pod provides network coverage within a 500 metre to 1 kilometre arc.