Huang Liang SMP Male Straight 2-Hole Flange Mount Connector, Catcher's Mitt

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Catcher's Mitt slide-on mating


SMP series are a high frequency push-on connector with its interfacing system featuring an inner female-to-female component, called a bullet or blindmate, and two outer panel, circuit or cable-mounted receptacles called shrouds. The design of the SMP bullet and shroud system allows for both axial and radial misalignment. SMP connector design is standardised by MIL-STD-348B, and can operate up to 40 GHz through select manufacturers.

2-Hole Flange, Front Mount

Connector is fed through and mounted from the front. Used to transmit signal from internal circuitry through a panel, using a flange with two holes to accommodate mounting screws or bolts. Best suited for use with thin panels.

RF Connector Technical Data
SMP-M-S-2F-RP_001 CAD Drawing
Series Body Shape
2-Hole Flange, Front Mount
RF Performance
Operating Freq. Range 0 to 12.40 GHz Input Impedance
50 Ω
VSWR <1.30:1 Insertion Loss No Data
Physical Characteristics
Body Material(s)
Contact Material(s)
Body Plating
Contact Plating
7.79 x 16.0 x 6.0 mm (L x W x D)
Operating Temperature -65 to 165 °C
Weight No Data Mating Cycles >500

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