RF Connector Catalogue

Our firm has access to the most comprehensive range of RF connectors; spanning the cost effective for mass consumption, to precision laboratory, hermetically sealed, thermovac, and outgassing compliant for aerospace applications.

Complementing the range of consultation services offered by the firm, many standard off-the-shelf RF connectors are presented here for consideration. By operating as a vendor neutral brokerage, Halberd Bastion clients are able to access coaxial connectors from any manufacturer across the globe, both well known brands and OEM manufacturers.

The firm maintains a transparent pricing structure where costs are commensurate with the requested risk-reduction activities, for example; requiring research and design, pricing in local currencies, managing supply chain activities, quality control, and so forth. Our brokerage framework ensures the lowest possible unit cost without compromising the success of your project.

Image Item
N socket female bulkhead rear mount crimp for RG58 JingCheng N Female Bulkhead Rear Mount Crimp Connector for RG-58
SMA Female socket bulkhead rear mount crimp for RG174, RG316, LMR100 JingCheng SMA Female Bulkhead Rear Mount Crimp Connector for LMR-100, RG174
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