Huang Liang 1.85 mm Female to SMA Female Adapter

Product Code


1.85 mm (V)

The 1.85 mm connector is a pin and socket type connector that uses an air dielectric filled interface that assures mode free operation up to 65 GHz. It is also known as the Type V connector. Some manufacturers have demonstrated performance up to 67 GHz. The design has been introduced as an open standard under the IEEE 287 Precision Connector Standards Committee.


The SMA "SubMiniature A" connector series is one of the most commonly used RF connector due to its durability and performance. SMA series has a 1/4 - 36 UNS threaded coupling and can operate up to 18 GHz when using semi-flex or semi-rigid cable types.

RF Adapter Technical Data
ADU1-VF1-SMF1 cad drawing
Interface #1
Series Body Shape
Free Hanging
Interface #2
Series Body Shape
Free Hanging
RF Performance
Operating Freq. Range 0 to 26.50 GHz Input Impedance
50 Ω
< 1.20:1
Insertion Loss No Data
Physical Characteristics
Body Material(s) Contact Material(s)
Body Plating Contact Plating
24.51 x 8 mm (L x ø)
Operating Temperature -40 to 105 °C
6.900 g
Mating Cycles >500

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