RF Cables & Assemblies Catalogue

Cable & Assemblies Catalogue

A range of RF transmission cables and coaxial cable assemblies are presented below for your perusal. Waveguide transmission lines can be found under the Microwave component section.

The firm maintains a transparent pricing structure where costs are commensurate with the requested risk-reduction activities, for example; requiring research and design, pricing in local currencies, managing supply chain activities, quality control, and so forth. Our brokerage framework ensures the lowest possible unit cost without compromising the success of your project.

Image Item Cutoff Freq.
Superbat SMA Female to U.FL / IPEX 1.13 mm Cable Assembly Superbat SMA Female Bulkhead to U.FL / IPEX 1.13 mm Cable Assembly 3.00 GHz
RP SMA female 4-Hole Flange to IPX/U.FL with 1.13mm cable assembly Superbat RP-SMA Female 4-Hole Flange to U.FL / IPEX 1.13 mm Cable Assembly 3.00 GHz
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