CAC Technology 33P1_FEP Double Shielded Semi-Flexible Coaxial Cable, FEP Jacket

Product Code


Attenuation @ 1 GHz

0.3812 dB/m
RF Cable Technical Data
RF Performance
Operating Freq. Range 0.00 to 40.00 GHz Input Impedance
50 Ω
Velocity of Propagation
Capacitance No Data
Shielding Effectiveness
> 90 dB
Max. Operating Voltage
1600 V
Power Handling @ 1 GHz
503.37 W
Physical Characteristics
Min. Bend Radius (Static)
18.00 mm
38.00 g/m
Min. Bend Radius (Dynamic)
36.00 mm
Operating Temperature -55 to 165 °C
Inner Conductor
Material Diameter 1 x 0.91 mm
Material Diameter 2.70 mm
Outer Conductor
Material Diameter 2.90 mm
Material Diameter 3.30 mm
Material Diameter 3.70 mm

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Hefei CAC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (CAC for short) is committed to the research & development, designing, production and marketing regard to RF Coaxial Connector, Adapter, RF Cable Assembly and RF Components. Being located in Hefei, the city of science and technology of China, having a leading and professional R&D team, CAC has an excellent and long-term cooperation relationship with some universities and research institutes.

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