RFI SMD4-67 400 to 520 MHz Side Mounted Dipole Antenna

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Design Type

Application Category

Base Station

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The SMD4 series are a range of unity gain side mounted dipoles which can be used as a single antenna for short range applications or, if desired, phased together to provide high gain array coverage characteristics.

The SMD4-67 is of all welded aluminium construction. The feed point is protected by an ABS cap, with the internal PTFE based cable construction providing excellent intermodulation performance (-150dBc). The stainless steel SMD41-67 is electrically identical to its aluminium counterpart and is recommended for corrosive environments.

SMD4 series antennas are supplied with a boom for ¼ wave antenna to mast spacing.

This antenna can be operated as a unity gain base station antenna with high power handling, extremely durable for hostile industrial environments. The antenna has high radiation efficiency and excellent VSWR. Forward gain can be increased with mounting to provide semi-directional radiation.

Specifications below are provided with quarter wave mounting.

  • All welded construction for maximum and reliable performance
  • Ideal for LMR UHF and LTE B31 applications
  • Narrow beamwidth & high front to back ratios
  • Alodine finish providing an excellent conductive surface for earthing
  • Low PIM -150 dBc, suitable for broadcast co-location
  • Short Durathene cable tail with N Female connector
Antenna Technical Data
Physical Characteristics
Construction Material
ABS Plastic
RF Connections
Radome Colour Environmental Rating No Data
400 mm (L)
Operating Temperature -40 °C to 60 °C
0.3000 kg
UHF SMD Element
Electrical Specifications Mechanical Specifications
Input Impedance 50 Ω Input Connector
Polarisation Input Connector Gender
Max. Input Power 500 W Cable Series
PIM, 3rd Order < -150 dBc Cable Length 200 mm
Range: 400 to 520 MHz
Peak Gain 2.10 dBi Azimuth Beamwidth 220°
VSWR < 1.5:1 Elevation Beamwidth 70°
Radiation Efficiency No Data Electrical Tilt
Front-to-Back Ratio > 220 dB Inter-Port Isolation > 70 dB
Cross-Polar Discrimination - Cross-Polar Isolation -
Azimuth Polar Plot Elevation Polar Plot
Polar azimuth 400 to 520 MHz
Polar elevation 400 to 520 MHz


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