Antenna Catalogue

As a team specialising in advanced wireless technologies, we've worked extensively to document hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of antennas. This ensures our clients are able to access best-in-class antennas from any manufacturer across the world.

We maintain a transparent pricing structure where our costs are commensurate with the tasks we're sought for, for example; testing and certification requirements, design / redesign, foreign currency management, small volume versus high volume ordering. Our framework ensures the lowest possible unit cost without compromising the success of your project.

B28 700 MHz MIMO antenna 3D radiation pattern

Test Data

Test data are available for many of the antennas listed in our catalogue. Graphics such as 3D radiation renderings, VSWR, and E & H plots, shown on product listings are displayed for reference purposes only and are typically shown without labelling or scales.

To access detailed information please request the release of the full test report.

Image Title Gain Frequency Range
XJS 2X2 MIMO LTE panel antenna 1700 to 2700 MHz XJS Upper Band Cellular 2X2 MIMO Panel Antenna 15 dBi 1710 to 2700 MHz
XJS High Gain Dish Antenna for 3.5 GHz 5G XJS High Gain 3.5 GHz 5G 2X2 MIMO Parabolic Antenna 28 dBi 3300 to 3800 MHz
XJS 800 to 2700 MHz wideband cellular 2X2 MIMO LTE antenna XJS Wideband Cellular 2X2 MIMO Panel Antenna 9 dBi 790 to 2700 MHz
XJS Wideband 700-2700 MHz Log Periodic 3G 4G Antenna XJS Wideband Log Periodic Cellular Antenna 11 dBi 680 to 2700 MHz
XJS 2.4 GHz WLAN 2X2 MIMO 14 dBi Sector Antenna XJS 2.4 GHz WiFi 2X2 MIMO Sector Antenna 14 dBi 2400 to 2500 MHz
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