Antenna Catalogue

Complementing the range of consultation services offered by the firm, many standard off-the-shelf antennas are presented here for consideration. By operating as a vendor neutral brokerage, Halberd Bastion clients are able to access antennas from any manufacturer across the globe, both well known brands and OEM manufacturers.

The firm maintains a transparent pricing structure where costs are commensurate with the requested risk-reduction activities, for example; requiring research and design, pricing in local currencies, managing supply chain activities, quality control, and so forth. Our brokerage framework ensures the lowest possible unit cost without compromising the success of your project.

Products and brand lines represented here are in no way comprehensive or exhaustive; Halberd Bastion’s global supply chain has an expanding network of over 160 individual manufacturers.

B28 700 MHz MIMO antenna 3D radiation pattern

Test Data

Test data are available for many of the antennas listed in the below catalogue. Graphics such as 3D radiation renderings, VSWR, and E & H plots, shown on product listings are displayed for reference purposes only and are typically shown without labelling or scales.

To access detailed information please request the release of the full test report.

Image Title Gain Frequency Range
Broadband Propagation BPV-CPO-L hemispheric omnidirectional circular polarised L-Band antenna BPV-CPO-L Circularly Polarised L-Band Omnidirectional Antenna 3 dBi 1000 to 2000 MHz
Broadband Propagation BPV-L-960-1240 L-band military vehicle whip antenna spring mount BPV-L-960-1240 L-Band Military Vehicle Antenna 3 dBi 960 to 1240 MHz
Broadband Propagation BPV-DB-800-1700 cellular 3G 4G LTE military vehicle antenna NATO mount BPV-DB-800-1700 Multiband Cellular Military Vehicle Antenna 3 dBi 800 to 2200 MHz
Broadband Propagation HGO-2400-2500 omnidirectional collinear WiFi antenna HGO-2400-2500 12 dBi 2.4 GHz Omnidirectional WiFi Antenna 12 dBi 2400 to 2500 MHz
Broadband Propagation MP-225-2G military manpack UHF L-Band portable gooseneck antenna MP-225-2G Wideband UHF & L-Band Manpack Antenna 2 dBi 225 to 2000 MHz
Broadband Propagation BPV-220-520 military band UHF vehicle whip antenna NATO mount BPV-220-520 UHF Military Vehicle Antenna 2 dBi 220 to 520 MHz
Broadband Propagation BPV-100-512 Military VHF UHF fibreglass whip antenna BPV-100-512 Military VHF/UHF Vehicle Whip 0 dBi 100 to 512 MHz
Broadband Propagation BPV-25-500 Military VHF UHF fibreglass whip antenna BPV-25-500 Military VHF/UHF Vehicle Whip 0 dBi 25 to 500 MHz
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