Halberd Bastion regularly publishes articles covering a range of topics that relate to the wireless industry.  Much of this material is created and distributed to clients as a way of helping busy executives remain abreast of the dynamically growing and changing climate in which we operate.  Additionally, more specific research material accompanied by our firm’s recommendations is developed for discerning clientele addressing key challenges encountered and a range of responsive measures. 

Many of the publications have a broad appeal to wireless professionals from many different fields and Halberd Bastion releases some of these articles for general access through mailing lists and the links that are provided on this page.  The firm encourages the reading and sharing of these publications which have been created with readability in mind.

In addition to formal publications and news, the firm has compiled intelligence dossiers on a range of commercial entities, including mobile carriers, parent companies, manufacturers, and equipment vendors.

A selection of articles and press releases identified by Halberd Bastion's consulting staff considered major developments of wireless technologies and their deployments across the world.

Keep up to date with financial developments in the telecommunications industry here.

This section provides access to market intelligence resources on individual countries, sovereign nations, and disputed territories.

This section is a portal for accessing information on telecommunications in each geopolitical region and its countries.

Information, network deployment, research, articles, and resources relating to mobile network operators across the globe.

A repository for company information, network characteristics, research, articles, and resources relating to telecommunications companies that operate an IoT network.

A repository for company information and resources relating to companies who develop telecommunications electronics, networks, wireless protocols, concepts, and equipment.

Company information and resources relating to well-known vendors who develop and manufacture wireless components.

A centralised repository for company information, research, articles, and resources relating to telecommunications groups and international conglomerates.

This section is a portal for filtering telecommunications information by ITU region and its constituent countries.

Information relating to organisations that work to standardise the RF and telecommunications industries.

Articles and dossiers are subject to these Disclaimers. Please contact your Halberd Bastion representative for licensing information.