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Powertec Telecommunications Pty Ltd

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Company Overview is an Australian-based end to end IoE (Internet of Everything) ecosystem hardware developer. The system is comprised of a connectivity-agnostic solution, covering: internet, cellular, WiFi and long-range communication (LoRa) gateways. The solution is customised to control, measure and track: assets, people, animals, and things, with a combination of live and historical data including: events, notifications and machine learning. is developed and manufactured in Australia by Powertec Telecommunications Pty Ltd.

About Powertec

Powertec is an Australian company with over 22 years in the communications industry and experts in carrier grade mobile coverage, end to end wireless solutions, commercial grade connectivity solutions, connectivity infrastructure, network management, wireless backhaul, access networks and devices for the Internet of Everything (IoE). Powertec is Australia's largest and most experienced mobile telecommunications vendor. The Powertec team have pioneered some of the most innovative and eyebrow-raising mobile and wireless broadband systems on the planet.