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Wellhope Communication Equipment Limited

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Wellhope Wireless was founded in 2007 and manufacture antenna products series which include MIMO; 4G; 3G; 2.4GHz, 3.5GHz, 5.8GHz, GPS and GSM broadband frequency range communication antennas, repeater station antennas, indoor coverage antennas, and passive components such as passive components, RF cable assembly, etc.

All of the antenna products from Wellhope Wireless are designed and developed by our engineers with top-notch design tools. Our engineers use the most advanced microwave structure analytical software network analyzer to design and produce our antennas. Wellhope factory has developed batches of high performing, quality and reliable antenna for mobile base station, frequency extension and wireless access network.All the products are up to the national standard after being tested by the state authoritative QC department.

  • Average monthly production: 120,000 pcs
  • Annual production capacity: 1600,000 pcs
  • Number of production lines: 8 lines
  • Factory Area: 2000 m2