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San Jose Technology, Inc.

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Sanav is a GPS / RF/ M2M hardware and solution manufacturer specialising in mobile and marine products, including GPS/GSM tracker, GPS receivers, AIS Transponder, and varieties of antennas. Located in Taiwan, we commenced operations in 1990 with telecommunications technologies. Later in 1995, in cooperation with prominent GPS companies worldwide, we started technical interflows & research on GPS and RF technologies.

With our strong R&D capability, many years of experiences in GPS antenna products as well as GPS/GSM integration, we continue to expand our global customer base and successfully established strategic relationships with major business partners in GPS-related fields, including vehicle tracking & marine navigation technologies. We also offer customers a comprehensive range of RF antenna such as Combo, WiMax, WiFi, GSM, and UWB antenna.

By providing reliable systems, products and services to our global customers, SAN JOSE TECHNOLOGY, INC. continues to enhance the quality, as well as the efficiency and productivity in GPS tracking and marine fields.

Antenna Catalogue

Below are 3 popular antenna models manufactured by this vendor. To conduct searches please visit the Antenna Procurement section.

Image Title Gain Frequency Range
Sanav EEH-L01 stud mounted omnidirectional 4G / IoT antenna 700-2700 MHz Sanav Wideband Cellular & IoT Omnidirectional Bulkhead Antenna 3 dBi 704 to 2690 MHz
Sanav EPH-405AL Wideband 3G 4G 700 to 2700 MHz adhesive antenna Sanav Wideband Cellular Microstrip Adhesive Antenna 2 dBi 700 to 2700 MHz
Sanav Wideband 3G 4G 5G Cellular Terminal Antenna Sanav Wideband Cellular Terminal Antenna 4 dBi 698 to 3800 MHz
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