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Halberd Bastion Pty Ltd

HB Radiofrequency forms an essential part of the Halberd Bastion enterprise. Clients requiring OEM manufacturing and custom designed components not available through existing manufacturers can leverage the HB Radiofrequency brand. This service allows clients to manufacture without undertaking the arduous process of marketing their own brand, and protecting confidential manufacturing information.

Antenna Catalogue

Below are 4 popular antenna models manufactured by this vendor. To conduct searches please visit the Antenna Procurement section.

Image Title Gain Frequency Range
HB Radiofrequency 2X2 MIMO panel antenna 700 to 900 MHz HB Radiofrequency Low Band 2X2 MIMO Panel Antenna 15 dBi 698 to 960 MHz
HB Radiofrequency wideband 2G/3G/4G cellular antenna stick-on adhesive HB Radiofrequency Wideband Cellular Adhesive Mounted Antenna 2 dBi 698 to 2690 MHz
HB Radiofrequency 4X4 MIMO panel antenna 700 to 2700 MHz HB Radiofrequency Wideband 4X4 MIMO Panel Antenna 9 dBi 698 to 2700 MHz
HB Radiofrequency wideband 700-2700 MHz cellular hinged dipole antenna HB Radiofrequency Wideband Cellular Hinged Terminal Antenna 2 dBi 698 to 2655 MHz
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