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Chang Hong Technology Co. Ltd.

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Chang Hong Technology are a low cost, professional manufacturer and leading distributor of antenna and RF products in Taiwan and abroad, with distribution points in the US, Latin America, UK, and Europe.

The company's product range includes;

  • RF / microwave / coaxial connectors (SMA, SMB, TNC, BNC, MCX, MMCX, N, FME, adapters etc.)
  • RF cable assembles
  • Cellular, GPS, and WiFi antenna products (such as Yagi, omnidirectional, panel, and grid antennas) 

Our broad line of coaxial connectors, Wi-Fi, cable assemblies and GPS/GSM antenna are quite popular and the reception of these items is quite favourable in the market.

With very professional technology, strict QC and QA, as well as our best service to our customers in no time, we provide our customers with the most effective, competitive products, as well as complete service and support without problems.

Our company continues to grow at a stable rate while maintaining the satisfaction of our customers so we believe that we are well qualified to take care of any design or individual product requirements.