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Hefei CAC Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

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Hefei CAC Electronic Technology Co., Ltd (CAC for short) is committed to the research & development, designing, production and marketing regard to RF Coaxial Connector, Adapter, RF Cable Assembly and RF Components. Being located in Hefei, the city of science and technology of China, having a leading and professional R&D team, CAC has an excellent and long-term cooperation relationship with some universities and research institutes. Being loyal to Honest, Outstanding, Innovative and Promising, the company everlastingly devotes himself to provide you with the excellent & reliable integrated Solutions for the Connecting of RF Signal System.                

CAC's products mainly include:

  • DC - 40 GHz Microwave Cable Assembly on the basis of armored test level;
  • DC - 65 GHz RF Coaxial Cable Assembly with flexibility or semi flexibility or semi-rigidity and related high frequency connecting solutions;
  • DC - 65 GHz Microwave Connector and Microwave Adapter and the related High Frequency Connector Solutions;
  • The microwave components such as RF Microwave Termination, Calibration Device, Attenuator, Coax-waveguide Adapter and Power Dividers;
  • The Measure Detection for some RF microwave test equipments and radio parameters;

CAC’s products accord with MIL-STD-348, MIL-PRF-39012, meet the RoHS and can be proceeded to environmental test in accordance with MIL-STD-202 and according to the customers’ requirements. The products are widely applied in the high-tech fields such as aerospace, aviation, marine, military, defense, mobile communications, radio frequency identification, apparatus & instruments, radio & television, remote control & telemetry, rail transportation, medical equipment. CAC is always looking forward to service you with quality connecter, adaptor, and cable and the excellent & reliable integrated solutions for the connecting of RF signal system.