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Alpha Wireless designs and manufactures high performance base station antennas for all applications and standards.

Headquartered in Ireland, Alpha Wireless design and manufacture high performance antennas for base station applications. All designs are carefully crafted to meet our customers’ stringent demands, and Alpha antennas have been proven in trials to greatly reduce overall network interference giving throughput improvements of up to 30% and sector capacity improvements of up to 12%.

With offices and facilities in Europe, US and Asia, Alpha antennas are deployed by most base station vendors and many large network operators. We pride ourselves on being first to market on many new technologies, and in giving unparalleled technical support. And if you can’t find the antenna to meet your needs, please give us a call, we’ll most likely be able to help.

Alpha prides itself on its expertise and its response times to customer needs, and that’s why many of the world’s major equipment vendors and operators have chosen to work with us on their antenna projects.