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Shenzhen Ainuoxin RF Circuit Co., Ltd.

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RFLab Circuits is a leading “High Mix, Low Volume and Quick Turn” High-Tech PCB service enterprise worldwide. Located in Guangming District, Shenzhen where near Hong Kong, RFLab is able to produce 5000 square meters per mouth and more than 200 items each day. Our factory fabricate PCB products contain 2 to 20 layers, including high density multilayer PCBs, low PIM passive antenna PCBs, power amplifier PCBs, 3D flexible aluminum PCBs, LED PCBs, PATCH Antenna PCBs, PTFE Teflon high-frequency PCBs, Taconic high-frequency PCBs, ROGERS PCBs, F4B PTFE high frequency PCBs, Heavy Copper (up to 10OZ) PCBs, hybrid PCBs, metal semi hole PCBs, blind-buried PCBs, impedance PCBs, high Tg PCBs and the like. RFLab Circuits insist on “customer-oriented” principle to meet customers’ diverse demands.

Our company has offices in Beijing, Nanjing, and our products are widely applied in telecom, base station antenna , industrial control, compass, military, aerospace, defense, automotive electronics, radar, intelligent charging system, radio frequency identification, intelligent wireless remote control, data transmission, high-speed communication and optical communication, power supply, LED lighting, medical, mobile multimedia, broadcasting and television transmitter, cable television and other consumer electronics. We are experienced to provide PCB samples, quick-turn PCBs, and volume fabrication for high-tech enterprises. Over 35% of products are exported to America, Europe and other Pacific countries.