ZTE, Hutichson Drei Austria establish 5G Partnership

  • Continuation of almost 10-year cooperation with Hutchison Drei and ZTE Austria
  • Joint Innovation Lab Initiative to test latest technologies for & in Austria
  • Further development of the digital location Austria with state-of-the-art Pre-5G solutions from ZTE

Global telecommunications company ZTE and mobile operator Hutchison Drei Austria are deepening their strategic partnership to prepare Austria for the introduction of state-of-the-art technology solutions. Thanks to ZTE's international role in the technology sector and its intensive research and development activities, the group has positioned itself as a leading expert in 5G technology. In order to implement the innovative solutions on the Austrian market as well, intensive cooperation between telecommunications equipment providers and mobile service providers is essential. These promote a rapid expansion of the digital infrastructure and will advance Austria's digitization competence.

ZTE Austria has been active in Austria since 2010 and, as an innovative telecommunications equipment expert, is heavily involved in the construction of state-of-the-art solutions in Austria. With Hutchison Three, ZTE has maintained a close and successful partnership for almost 10 years, which it intends to intensify as it prepares to launch 5G. In recent years, network upgrades have been continuously carried out to meet even higher quality standards and to continually improve service. The service idea is also at the center of the joint initiative for the Innovation Lab. In this, both partners will test, develop and optimize ZTE's latest technology solutions for use in the Austrian market.

Christian Woschitz, CEO ZTE Austria: "5G is THE groundbreaking mobile communications innovation that will decisively shape the entire digital market. We are proud to bring our expertise in this area to Austria and to help our location become one of Europe's leading digitization countries. In the global race for the top position in the 5G rollout, it is imperative to foster this process through intensive partnerships. That's why I particularly appreciate our many years of professional collaboration with Hutchison Drei Austria. "

Jan Trionow, CEO Hutchison Drei Austria : "The first result of the joint innovation initiative was the successful evaluation of the Pre-5G technology, which enabled us to create a commercial Pre-5G in Vienna (Seestadt) already at the beginning of this year This move was a breakthrough in the European telecoms market, which made Austria a true 5G pioneer, and excellence like this can only be achieved with a reliable, strong partner like ZTE. "

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