VIVA Bahrain offers new 4G+ LTE-Advanced services

VIVA Bahrain, the innovative telecom operator and credited with the widest 4G network coverage in the Kingdom, has unlocked a host of new advanced LTE capabilities, paving the way towards 5G services. With the launch, VIVA Bahrain offers a nationwide 4G+ LTE network coverage, which will be almost twice as fast as the normal 4G, marking this as a significant step towards creating a future Giga network in the Kingdom.

4G+ (or LTE Advanced) is a technical upgrade to the existing LTE platform VIVA Bahrain is spearheading across its wide-spread network to optimise voice, video, messaging and data services across the whole of Bahrain. This will significantly boost speeds from 150 Mbps to 225 Mbps on VIVA Bahrain’s network, enabling faster browsing and streaming of online content at a higher speed and quality. VIVA subscribers will be able to automatically experience this upgraded network coverage on their LTE-enabled devices including Apple, Samsung and Huawei smartphones as well as new mifi and home routers.

VIVA Bahrain CEO, Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid said, “With our continual investments in innovation and collaboration of technological services in Bahrain, we are now taking an enormous step towards the 5G era. As the frontrunner in the Kingdom’s telecom sector, adoption to advanced LTE network is an integral part of our mobile network modernization, which enables us to meet the demands of the local population with access to mega speeds and high-quality customer experience. This sets a strong foundation for the deployment of our 5G services in the near future while also uplifting Bahrain’s capabilities to be an ICT powerhouse.”

The 4G+ LTE advanced services has been launched for all VIVA subscribers across the Kingdom, to start experiencing the fastest network. VIVA Bahrain is credited with the widest 4G network coverage with highly ranked Quality of Service (QoS), speed and coverage. VIVA’s ongoing technological advancements and investments in its infrastructure ensures the communication needs of its customers are catered with cutting-edge services and the best customer experience.