Viettel deploys first 5G trial base station in Vietnam

Viettel has installed the first 5G station in Vietnam on the roof of Viettel Center, Hoan Kiem District.

The other two 5G station locations are deployed at Viettel Net headquarters at No. 19 Duy Tan and Viettel Group headquarters at 01 Tran Huu Duc Street. It is expected that in early May 2019, these stations will officially broadcast, bringing the first experience for Vietnamese customers about 5G service. These 3.5 GHz stations are first tested by the network operator.

According to the plan, in June 2019, Viettel will deploy 70 more 5G stations to test on 2 cities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, to assess the details of coverage, capacity and maximum speed to prepare for planning, designing 5G wide area network.

At the 5G Workshop and the development of digital ASEAN in Vietnam recently, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam evaluated 5G with great significance for Vietnam and ASEAN countries in the cooperation of digital economic development. 5G will be a breakthrough in speed, but it is not only faster than the speed but 5G will be different from 4G in that the speed is faster and many real-time processing problems. The 5G network will create a new generation of Internet, with artificial intelligence, blockchain will fundamentally change the world's new mode of production.

Meanwhile, Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung affirmed that 5G is an opportunity for Vietnam to change the rankings in the world. Vietnam will test 5G in 2019 and trade in 2020 and will be the first countries to deploy 5G.

The Minister said that this is not only an opportunity for connecting services, opportunities to change Vietnam's telecommunications rankings, but also an opportunity to develop the country's ICT industry. With great demand for network equipment and terminals, the need for network security, the need for the entire population of applications, will create a big market for Vietnamese technology companies. 

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