Velcom launches first Belarusian IoT network using Standalone NB-IoT

Telecom operator Velcom massively launched the first in the country narrow-band network NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) for "Internet of things". A new technology, which is considered advanced in the world, covers the entire territory of the capital.

The large-scale launch of the NB-IoT network will allow developing the "Internet of things" in the whole city, and not only in the pilot zones. Base stations already now provide a stable coverage in each area: narrowband communication penetrates into the most inaccessible places, including massive walls of buildings and on the basement floors. By the level of penetration of the signal, the new standard can exceed 20 times the current M2M technology.

The NB-IoT network will be free for the first months. "We expect that this will stimulate developers to actively implement and launch modern technological solutions in Minsk that will help improve people's lives and increase the efficiency of enterprise systems, " said Mikhail Timonin, the head of the department of IT IT solutions and the Internet of things for velcom .

Earlier, velcom received permission from the State Commission on Radio Frequencies (GKRCH) to use for the "Internet of things" part of the previously allocated frequency range. The NB-IoT network operates in the 900 MHz band, which is also used in GSM and UMTS. For the "Internet of things" a small frequency band of 200 kHz is used with guard intervals, which does not affect the operation of other networks.

Following Minsk, velcom plans to deploy the NB-IoT network in the regions. "Internet of things" will soon appear in the regional and district centers. At the same time, experts are ready to cover any territory where there is only a need for a new technology.

Belarus became one of the few countries in Europe that launched such a network. Technology can find application in many areas - from electronic medicine to smart city. "Belarus can become one of the leaders in the field of" Internet of things ". Many projects that are planned to be implemented will in the future save lives, effectively manage the city and rationally use available resources. And this is just the beginning: the NB-IoT network can become the basis for the implementation of many other high-tech projects, "says Aleksey Karnitsky, head of the velcom network planning department .

"Internet of things" in velcom are planned to develop as an integral ecosystem. In particular, experts are developing a single platform, which will receive data from each smart device. Through a special application, you can track processes and manage sensors, counters and other digital devices. For example, right now, velcom has already reached partnership agreements with the leading developers and manufacturers of energy and water meters in Belarus GRAN-SYSTEMA-C and JSC Aktagor Telecom, with the developer and manufacturer of smart meters for ODO meters TakhatAksi ", as well as with one of the leading Belarusian enterprises in the telemetry and industrial automation market of CJSC InDelCo. Partner companies develop equipment,

NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) is a mobile communication standard, developed in 2016 to exchange data between digital devices. To deploy the network, a narrow band of frequencies and a small update of the base stations is enough. Among the advantages - a large network capacity, high signal penetration, low power consumption and low cost devices.

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