Ukrainian mobile operators receive 2600 MHz LTE licences

Ukrainian mobile operators today sold the first licenses for frequencies under 4G networks. The total amount of the proceeds is UAH2.46 billion, UAH169 million more than the starting value.

“Successful competition for the license when the 4th generation, which took place in pursuance of my decree, not only pleases almost two and a half billion hryvnia to the state budget. This is another step of Ukraine to the new modern technologies. Several years ago we introduced 3G and now we go further in building a successful country”, – noted President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

7 lots have been put up for licensing in the bands; 2510-2545 MHz, 2565-2570 MHz, 2630-2665 MHz, and 2685-2690 MHz.

Lifecell paid UAH909.3 million for 2 x 15 MHz paired (one 2 x 10 MHz lot plus one 2 x 5 MHz lot). Kyivstar received lots No. 3-5 for UAH916.3 million, a total of 2 x 15 MHz paired. “Vodafone-Ukraine” bid UAH631.0 million for a contiguous 2×10 MHz spectrum block. The validity of these licenses is 15 years.

Ukraine starting prices for spectrum auction

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the conditions of introduction in Ukraine of mobile communication of the fourth generation (4G). The starting price of licenses for a launch in Ukraine of 4G is estimated at 6.3 billion hryvnia; UAH2.3 billion through auctioning 2600 MHz spectrum; UAH4 billion raised auctioning 1800 MHz spectrum.

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