Turkcell, Huawei achieve 70 Gbps in 5G mmWave test

ISTANBUL – Working together to develop 5G technologies, Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) and Huawei broke a record by carrying out the first 5G mmWave speed test together in line with their innovative work. In the test performed using real 5G equipment in the 71.5 to 73.5 GHz frequency band, a new speed record was reached in this area in Turkey by reaching a difficult system speed of 70 Gbps. In this regard, Turkcell has become one of the few mobile operators in the world that can reach a speed that is impossible with current technologies, using the technology of the future, 5G.

Turkcell has taken another step in its partnership with Huawei, with which it set off to deepen work in 5G technologies and intensify joint R&D work together. With the support of the Information Technologies and Communications Corporation (BTK), Turkcell and Huawei broke a new speed record in Turkey by carrying out a 5G speed test. At the tests carried out at Istanbul Turkcell Kucukyali Plaza, using the 5G technology of the future, using real 5G equipment in the 71.5 to 73.5 GHz frequency bank, known as mmWave, a download speed that is difficult to achieve in the world with today’s technology, 70 Gbps, was achieved.

Figen Kılıc, a member of the Information Technologies and Communications Board of Turkey, in a statement regarding the matter, said, "The technological needs for our country and for the industry are increasing day by day. This is why it is of great importance for both fiber infrastructure and new generation networks to become widespread. The dynamism that comes to the industry with 4.5G shows us the increasing need in this field. With 5G, the beginning of an era which will surpass the virtual dimension is coming. It is important to see 5G as a need. On the path to 5G, we must prioritize increasing accessibility, redefining network abilities and developing new business models in vertical industries with investment in infrastructure. When switching to 4.5G, we aimed to be one of the first countries in the world to use 5G. The tests carried out today by Turkey’s important value, Turkcell, together with their business partner Huawei, and the studies that will be carried out as a result, will be a significant phase in terms of both our country and the industry. As an institution, we are prepared for all kinds of cooperation for this work. We will continue to give support to 5G projects."

Sezgin: "We are pioneers in 5G in Turkey and in the world"

Gediz Sezgin, Turkcell General Manager Responsible for Network Technologies, stated that they are continuing their efforts to sustain their 4.5G leadership in Turkey with 5G. "Today we have successfully completed another very important test for our country. We achieved a first in Turkey by carrying out the first speed test using 5G equipment. By taking this test a step further today, we are one of the few operators in the world to reach a speed of 70Gbps, a speed well beyond today’s speed. The speed we have reached today and the record we have broken are a striking example of the progress we, as Turkcell, have made in 5G in a short period of time. We will continue to lead Turkey and the world with this work by developing 5G technologies.

With new technologies, Gigabit level data transmission, low latency and reliable performance providing systems will be a part of our lives in the future. The biggest step of this will be 5G technology. As Turkcell, we will continue to provide innovative services and solutions to our customers by developing high efficiency and high-capacity solutions that we will achieve with 5G technologies. "

Ying Weimin, Head of R & D Department of Huawei Wireless Communication Technologies, said in the statement: "We are very pleased to be leading technology and working with Turkcell on projects that contribute to the lives of people. We will continue to provide solutions to the challenges faced in technology and business life by bringing new technologies and services to higher levels with innovations and other project efforts that we are carrying out with Turkcell. We will also strive to be able to better fulfil our social responsibilities by exploring opportunities for new services together. "

As a result of speed tests carried out, it is possible to provide more realistic predictions of data transmission speeds and capacities that will be possible with 5G. With the introduction of 5G, it is predicted that the download speeds will go up to Gigabit levels, and a capacity increase with critical importance will come with it. In addition to increased speed and capacity, real-time latency applications will enter our lives with 5G.