TrueMove tests 28 GHz 5G in Thailand

True Group offers everyone complete experience of 5G for the first time at “True 5G Digital Thailand, the 1st Showcase Powered by TrueMove H” from Dec 14, 2018 – Jan 31, 2019 at True Branding Shop ICONSIAM.

True Group is solidifying its leadership with the launch of the “True 5G Digital Thailand, the 1st Showcase Powered by TrueMove H” event, offering Thais an opportunity to experience 5G network performance in a real-world environment for the first time in Thailand. Presiding over the launch event, General Sukit Khamasunthorn, Commissioner and Chairman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), was welcomed by True Group’s executives led by Mr. Vichaow Rakphongphairoj, True Corporation Plc’s President (Co). In addition, “Milk Na Ning”, the world’s youngest drone racing champion, and members of the Thai idol girl group BNK48, together with singers from The Voice Thailand and True Academy Fantasia singing contest were among the guests who took part in conducting trials of superfast 5G performance, which demonstrate an important step towards digital sustainability. The event will be held from 14 December 2018 to31 January 2019 at True Branding Shop ICONSIAM.

Mr. Vichaow Rakphongphairoj, True Corporation Plc’s President (Co), said, “TrueMove H, in partnership with our global partners including leading manufacturers of telecommunication devices, has succeeded in developing and demonstrating continuous trials of 5G technology since late 2017. Currently, TrueMove H was granted permission from the NBTC to undergo a demonstration of our 5G technology using the 28-GHz spectrum which is considered an important stepping stone in connecting Thais to the digital world, changing people’s daily lifestyles and, most importantly, revolutionizing industrial operations through a more concrete and sustainable approach. As the leading mobile network provider in Thailand, TrueMove H operates diverse frequencies, ranging from 850/900/1800 to 2100 MHz. We strongly believe that we are ready to lead the Thai people towards a complete digital lifestyle in the 5G era through our demonstration of 5G performance in a real-world environment at the ‘True 5G Digital Thailand, The 1st Showcase powered by TrueMove H’ event. We aim at convincing people that this event is the ‘Bestination’ that provides the best opportunity for everyone to learn and experience our various advanced technologies that meet all types of interests and content ranging from entertainment, sports, model cities and future transport systems as well as robotic and automated technologies, which are expected to reshape Thai people’s lifestyles and revolutionize future operation systems.”

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