TIM uses 900 MHz to strengthen 3G in São Paulo

TIM is reinforcing the coverage of the 3G network in the state capital with the use of the 900 MHz band, authorized to the operator by Anatel earlier this year. The project, which already benefits customers from 50 city districts with better quality of services, began in May, through the modernization of sites in areas that concentrate more traffic of voice and data. 

So far, more than 500 new antennas have been activated using the 900 MHz band in the capital. More than 200 antennas will be activated by TIM until December in Barueri, Mauá, Osasco, Guarulhos and in the ABC region of São Paulo. The operator expects to complete the project in the first quarter of 2015, covering the entire metropolitan area of ​​São Paulo, with a total of more than 1,200 antennas. 

"The authorization by Anatel of the new 900 MHz band was paramount to guarantee the delivery of better quality services to our customers in the capital and the metropolitan region of São Paulo. The activation of 3G in this band results in an immediate improvement of the network performance with a percentage of increase in data transfer speed above 40% for download and more than double for upload, "says Marco Di Costanzo, director of mobile network Of TIM. 

Another advantage of using the 900 MHz band is the lower incidence of signal interference and better coverage in indoor environments. Parallel to the implementation of the 900 MHz band project in São Paulo, TIM will also use the SON - Self Organizing Networks - solution, which was adopted by the operator in late 2013 to improve network performance automatically, Dynamic and real-time. 

Composed of modules such as Automatic Neighbor Relationship (ANR), Mobility Load Balance (MLB) and Self Healing, SON saves time in solving problems through automatic and instantaneous detection and correction. The Automatic Neighbor Relationship (ANR) module is used to optimize connections between neighboring towers and / or cells. Mobility Load Balance (MLB) has the function of improving the distribution of traffic and Self Healing is used to minimize the effects of eventual unavailability of sites.