TIM first to launch NB-IoT in Brazil

NB-IoT technology adopted by the operator already enables the creation and development of solutions aimed at smart cities

Demonstrating once again its pioneering and innovation, TIM is the first operator in the Brazilian market to activate the NB-IoT (Narrow Band in IoT) functionality in its 4G commercial network. The platform allows to offer Internet solutions of Things (IoT), using the frequency 700 MHz. The first city to have access to technology is Santa Rita do Sapucaí, MG, where the National Institute of Telecommunications ( INATEL ) is located , , the operator's partner with Ericsson, for the development of IoT solutions for smart cities.

" This is a very important step for TIM as we are the first to provide a platform that will enable the creation of various Internet services of Things aimed at smart cities in principle. With this first activation, we become the facilitator for the development of this infinite range of solutions that will increasingly influence the lives of all of us. We chose the NB-IoT technology because it is a standard adopted worldwide and, applied at the 700MHz frequency, it increases up to 40% the traditional coverage in relation to the use of smartphones, in addition to the low battery consumption, lasting from 5 to 10 years, which is fundamental for IoT applications, " explains Leonardo Capdeville, vice president of technology at TIM Brasil.

Another advantage for TIM when using the NB-IoT in the 700MHz band is the wide coverage of the operator in Brazil, today with 1,000 cities that are already able to use the platform. By 2020, there will be more than 4,000 municipalities operating in this range and that can be contemplated with IoT solutions, according to the new partnerships of the operator in the country.

The goal of TIM is to be a facilitator for the creation of Internet solutions of Things, through the provision of technology to its corporate clients (public and private companies). Applications are now linked to solutions for smart cities, such as smart sensors at traffic lights and parking lots; city ​​pollution sensors; meters for energy, water and sewers of cities, among other initiatives that make the systems more efficient.

" The network will strengthen Inatel's research, development and innovation ecosystem in the IoT area, contributing to the research carried out by the students of our undergraduate and master's degree courses and enabling various applications and new services to be deployed on our campus and in our city, "says the Director of Inatel, Professor Marcelo de Oliveira Marques.

" Ericsson's focus, through the use of the IoT Accelerator platform, is to make use of the most diverse verticals in which TIM intends to work with its corporate clients. The NB-IoT connectivity added to the intelligence in the analysis and treatment of the information collected by the devices allows the applications to be developed to address the needs of the market, "adds Luiz Antonio Tavares, Vice President Commercial of Ericsson Brazil.  

TIM's 4G network has been prepared as a platform for all types of services, initially with mobile broadband, through the fixed Internet with WTTx (fixed access) technology, in addition to VoLTE, a voice service over the technology network fourth generation and now for intelligent city solutions through the NB-IoT platform.

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