Telia Norge first in Nordic countries to deploy NB-IoT

(Oslo, December 14, 2016) As the first company in the Nordic region, Telia Norway today launches its own internet based on the new technology "Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)". Together with partners, Telia is launching a commercial solution for Smart Agriculture based on NB-IoT at the same time as the first company in the world. This marks the start of deployment of a commercial thing's internet in Norway.

"This is the starting point for the rollout of a technology that represents a new industrial revolution. It also marks a milestone on a journey where Telia goes from being a purely mobile company to becoming a modern technology company that will be a digital organizer in society, "said Abraham Foss, Managing Director of Telia Norway.

First in the Nordic region, building the smart community

The Internet of Things is a growing worldwide network of things where sensors, software and connectivity are built-in. The idea is to be able to connect all possible devices on the planet with each other through the internet in a fully integrated system - the smartly connected community. Expectations are high, and it is expected that there will be 26 billion connected devices by 2020. Everything from refrigerators, machines, cars, sneakers, toothbrushes, light bulbs, houses and buildings can be linked together.
"The NB-IoT opens up many new applications, and with the use of this technology and our proprietary platform, we can now connect multiple devices to the Internet's things and develop exciting commercial solutions with partners. We are the first operator in the Nordic region to take NB-IoT into the real world with concrete solutions that address real needs, both in the city and in the country, "says technical director Jon Christian Hillestad in Telia Norway.

First in the world with smart agriculture solution

The smart agriculture solution is the first of its kind in the world based on NB-IoT, and was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian company 7Sense. The result is a system for monitoring irrigation systems used in agriculture, which makes the irrigation systems better and more precise. The water sprayer has mounted a sensor that detects position using GPS, as well as alerts pressure drops and indicates operating status of the irrigation system with different sensors. The sensor unit is connected to the mobile network with an NB-IoT module and sends data on a regular basis.
- The watering season means a lot of unpredictability and constant monitoring for farmers. Leaks and shutdowns can have major consequences. With this solution, the farmer can get notifications on an app by default, as well as always have a full overview of the progress on the irrigation. The irrigation can take place without an operator present other than setup and relocation. In case of operating deviations, you can still react quickly. This makes the farmer's everyday life more predictable, says CEO of 7Sense Products Max J. Tangen.

Norwegian farmers believe mobile technology can provide smarter agriculture

In a survey of 1,000 Norwegian farmers, 86 per cent of respondents responded that they believe mobile technology becomes important to create a more efficient and smarter agriculture that simplifies their everyday lives as a farmer. 
Farmer's Day Fredrik Eftedal from Hedrum in Vestfold is the first to apply the new smart farming solution. - I'm not surprised at these numbers. Norwegian farmers are already far ahead in the use of technology, and with this solution, I think we can take a long step into the smart agriculture of the future, "says Eftedal.

Rolling out in 2017

- First came the industrial revolution, then the internet. Now we are in the digital revolution, "says Foss. - NB-IoT represents a huge opportunity for many companies. Telia will be an important digital facilitator and driver for anyone who wants to participate in the digital revolution. We were first out with 4G, 4G + and 4.5G, and are now the first in the Nordic countries with NB-IoT. Mobile technology can do amazing things, and with only small adjustments in our existing, award winning 4G network, we will roll out NB-IoT further in 2017.

Smart parking pilot for displaced persons

Together with APX Systems, Telia has also developed a smart parking pilot based on NB-IoT technology. The solution will make it easier to find free parking through an app developed by APX Systems. Telia has dug down sensors in the ground under parking spaces at Storo Grand Center in Oslo. - The sensors send information to the app about where there are available parking spaces. That way, users can not drive around looking for space, but can find free parking quickly and easily. It's good for the users and it's good for the environment, "explains Jan Erik Evanger in APX. The solution is currently only launched for reserved places for people with disabilities, in cooperation with the Norwegian Handicap Association.

Facts NB-IoT:

The Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) is a new communication technology that provides excellent coverage indoors, outdoors and underground, ideal for battery-powered things, and occasionally transmits data over the web. This means that battery life will be very long, usually over 10 years. NB-IoT works almost anywhere, is cost-effective and connects devices more easily and more efficiently on the existing 4G network.

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