Telia Denmark demonstrates 5G potential

Over the past week, Telia has carried out a number of 5G demonstrations based on both end-to-end solutions and the upcoming 5G standards, which otherwise only come into force from 2020.

Telia has during the week lifted a bit of a veil of the many opportunities that especially business customers can benefit greatly from when the final 5G standards and spectrum are finally ready. With a number of 5G demonstrations in Telia's headquarters in Copenhagen, among other authorities and major business customers, the opportunity has been given to look into the technological future that is moving faster.

"The rollout of 5G will separate from the rollout of 3G and 4G by being more dynamic and user-oriented. Therefore, we have invited a number of partners to see and experience the true end-to-end 5G experience on the standards that will be defined as 5G by 2020. During the week, partners, customers and authorities have been able to experience the direct difference between 4G and 5G during the week, ”says Henrik Kofod, Technical Director of Telia Denmark.

First customers are already at 5G standards

Along with the first corporate customers, Telia is already testing more permanent technologies and standards within the Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and 5G.

“During the year we have built up a nationwide Narrowband IoT network. Here we are in full swing with a number of trials together with both large and small high-tech companies. Many of the standards we use in these trials have already been adopted as upcoming 5G standards from 2020. At the top, we already have customers who are active at 5G already today, ”says Henrik Kofod.

5G is not just about speed

Despite the fact that much of the debate on 5G is about internet speeds, the Telia director stresses that other parameters drive the trials that Telia is involved in.

"It is important to emphasize that 5G is not just about speed. It is true that the speed of 5G is extremely high. But there is also a huge potential in that latency, that is, the delay in the signal, is significantly lower at 5G than at 4G, it will have tremendous importance for large parts of the business community both nationally and internationally, ”says Henrik Kofod.

He also sends an open invitation to Danish companies who might be interested in helping to test and run trials on IoT and 5G.

“If you are a company and are considering the future of digital opportunities within IoT and 5G, then grab Telia. Although we already run several trials on the latest technologies, we are very open to testing with as many different companies as possible. So one must finally get hold of us, ”says Henrik Kofod.

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