Telia Company first company to deploy full Nordic NB-IoT network

When Telia Denmark later on this year brings the Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) technology to its entire network, Telia Company will become the first operator to deploy NB-IoT across the entire Nordics. The new technology, designed for the Internet of Things, makes it possible to easily connect a huge number of sensors directly to the mobile network.

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) is a new communication technology that enables excellent coverage indoors, outdoors and in the ground. It is ideal for things that run on battery or only send data irregularly. NB-IoT allows for devices to be installed and connected in places that previously lacked coverage or were difficult to maintain regularly, such as far below ground or in the mountains, which opens up for completely new solutions and features.

Telia Denmark already has NB-IoT coverage in half of the country through ongoing trials with B2B-customers. Henrik Kofod, Head of Technology at Telia Denmark, says that the company will have full nationwide NB-IoT coverage later on this year. “With NB-IoT we will be able to address customer needs in a way that hasn’t been technically possible or economically sound before. NB-IoT is also an important step on the road towards 5G,” he says.

The upgrade in Telia Denmark’s 4G-network enables the Internet of Things to reach massive scale, cost effectively, which can help smart cities and smart homes develop. Telia IoT provides better water quality

One of the companies that Telia is working with in the NB-IoT trials is BWT (Best Water Technology), which is a leading European water technology company.