Telenor Norway, Ericsson expand 5G testing to Elverum

(Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 26 February 2019) Telenor Norway today announced Elverum as the first location for its 5G pilot with Ericsson. The mobile operator also revealed there will be 10 further collaborative 5G projects in Norway – and that soon, the next major city to get 5G will be named.

“We have great ambitions for 5G in Norway, and consider it natural to expand our investments gradually. For our mobile customers, we want to be the leader in terms of 5G, and we are now taking another step towards achieving that goal,” says Bjørn Ivar Moen, acting CEO of Telenor Norway.

New 5G pilot in Elverum

Telenor has selected Elverum as its new testing site for the super network of the future. With promises of lightning fast speeds, minimal latency and a more reliable network, the residents of Elverum have much to look forward to. Telenor plans to place five 5G base stations in the Norwegian river town before the summer, and there is no shortage of ambitions.

“The Elverum region is located at the heart of the county of Hedmark, and has a long history as a hub and trading centre. This is precisely why it is an ideal place to test the technology of tomorrow. We will be following the developments with great anticipation,” says Moen.

Elverum is a forward-leaning municipality, where technology is a prioritised focus area. Thanks to 5G, the town will have access to use cases and services that have never before been available.

“This is wonderful news, and a great boost for the citizens, the business community and the municipality,” says Acting Mayor of Elverum, Arnfinn Uthus.

Making room for 5G

Today, Telenor’s 4G network provides coverage to 99.8 percent of the Norwegian population. Most of the mobile data traffic is now on 4G, but a few customers still uses the 3G network on a daily basis. The 3G network uses the same frequencies as 5G, which means it is necessary to make space for the super network of the future. Consequently, Telenor will begin to phase out its 3G network in Elverum before the summer.

“Elverum will now become part of a digital disruption, and we will ensure that each customer both feels they are taken care of and receives sufficient information about the changes. The new network will open up completely new opportunities, and we hope that the residents are looking forward to testing the solutions of tomorrow,” says Moen.

Teaming up with Ericsson

Telenor has a multi-vendor strategy when testing capabilities for 5G. In Elverum, Ericsson will participate with 5G equipment and technical installation.

“We are committed to finding the best solutions, and with Ericsson on board we will benefit from their expertise. We have had a great cooperation for several years, and we look forward to an exciting venture project where Elverum is placed in the driver’s seat of the future’s mobile network,” says Moen.

Multiple 5G projects ready – Telenor hints about a major launch

Telenor has also selected 10 5G projects in other locations around Norway where the mobile network of the future will be used to explore new opportunities in business.

“We will soon be starting multiple collaborative projects in which 5G will be used to improve operational activities in several industries. We are looking forward to working with various actors in business, private customers and municipalities on a range of applications,” says Moen.

At a press conference during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Telenor also hinted at another major launch.

“Norway is the world’s most digitalised country, and we have a clear ambition to be a frontrunner in terms of 5G. Without going into too much detail, we can say that we will soon be ready to announce which major city will be the first in Norway to receive 5G,’ says Moen.

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