Telenor Bulgaria extends 4G/LTE network coverage

Telenor Bulgaria's 4G/LTE network coverage was extended to over 6,500 kilometers of the country's main road as of end-April. Thanks to the company's ongoing 4G/LTE network expansion and optimization program, Telenor 4G/LTE services are now available on more than 700 kilometers or 95% of the country's highways, as well as on more than 2,800 kilometers (95%) of the first-class and over 3,000 kilometers (77%) second-class roads in Bulgaria.

The expansion and optimization of the Telenor 4G/LTE network are among the reason for the 134% year-on-year growth in the total mobile data usage in the company network in the first quarter. As of end-April, data traffic via the company's 4G/LTE networks comprises more than 52.5% of the total data traffic.

At present, Telenor's 4G/LTE network encompasses 610 locations with population of more than 1,000 and also many others with smaller population, with 200 new locations added in the last few months. As of May 5, Telenor's 4G/LTE network covers 89.06% of the country's population.

Until June 10, all Telenor residential post-paid customers who are still using non-4G enabled SIM cards may opt to replace them free of charge in any Telenor shops. The replacement is not mandatory and will not affect the existing user contracts in any way.