Telenor activates gigabit LTE-A Pro in Denmark

Telenor now activates the first mobile base station with Pre-5G technology capable of delivering data speeds of up to 1Gbit / s - the enormous speed and capability of the mobile network is the first step towards the future's active 5G network. The latest base station technology is initially activated on a mobile mast in Inner Copenhagen, allowing Telenor customers to achieve the fastest data rates, measured on a live mobile network in Denmark.

The Telenor Group has long developed and tested the new mobile technologies that will lift the 4G network into the next generation of 5G networks. After testing for mobile technologies in closed test forums, Telenor, as the first operator in Denmark, now lives and activates mobile technologies of the future in their mobile networks, so customers can also test the mobile technology that breaks down the speed limit for downloads in a real-time mobile network in Denmark.  

The first to get a touch of next-generation network are Telenor customers, located in Indre Copenhagen. Here's the current mast technology on an existing mobile mast. The new technology will form the basis for the roll-out of 5G in Telenor's mobile network.  

"It is the use of advanced 4G technology that provides the basis for 5G that can deliver these ultra fast data rates live in our network. It is incredibly important for Telenor that we are always one step ahead of the development to give our customers the best Therefore, I am pleased that, as the first in Denmark, we can turn on the technologies in the network, so that customers can already join the 5G journey, "says development director at Telenor, Peter Ditlev Nødbak.

1 Gbit / s is only the start

With the activation of the 5G technology mast in Copenhagen, the startup for a number of similar upgrades in the coming years, while the 4G network is gradually evolving into the final 5G network. On its 5G mast in Norway, Telenor has measured speeds of over 70 Gbit / s, which around the rain is 700 times faster than what 4G can deliver.

"In Telenor, we have a very good foundation for building the future 5G network, and speeds of 1 Gbit / s are the first step on the road. We are continuously expanding the 5G network as the technologies mature. there are not yet so many series-produced mobiles or products that support 5G technology. But when they come in the coming years - we're done on the network so customers can enjoy the opportunities that extremely high speeds provide, "says Development Director at Telenor, Peter Ditlev Nødbak.

The 5G network paves the way for future new opportunities for connecting people and machines with each other at brand new levels.

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