Tele2 Eesti boosts mobile internet speeds to 485 megabits

In February, Tele2 completes software upgrades at all broadcasting stations, resulting in the highest mobile internet download speeds in the whole of Estonia rising to 485 megabits per second.

According to Tanel Sarri, Tele2 Wireless Network Manager, the changes made will increase the maximum speed by 30 percent. “Technically, different frequency layers are added to achieve higher speeds. As a result, mobile internet is comparable to a fixed connection and in many places even faster. In addition, with the software upgrade, the maximum upload speed increases to 65 megabits per second, ”said Sarri.

According to Sarri, the base stations are switched off one by one during work and the load on other masts is temporarily increased. "Speed ​​may decrease for a few minutes while making a software update, but no major and perceived failures should occur," Sarri explained.

“The prerequisite for using high speeds is that the manufacturer has opened this capability in its equipment. The phones that are on the market today are Sony and Apple's latest models, ”said Sarri.

In parallel with the addition of software upgrades and frequency layers, Tele2 will build 280 new base stations this year.

According to the Technical Surveillance Authority, the average download speed of the Tele2 network at the beginning of 2017 was 52.5 megabits per second and the coverage of the 4G network was 96%.