Tanzania allocates 700 MHz spectrum to Vodacom, Azam Telecom

Following the auction which was carried out on 8th June 2018, TCRA hereby announces the successful conclusion of the auction of 2 x 20 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz frequency range.

All spectrum available were assigned, and the results of the Auction are as follows:

  • Vodacom Tanzania PLC acquired 2 x 10 MHz for a total price of US$ 10,005,000
  • Azam Telecom (T) Limited acquired 2 x 10 MHz for a total price of US$ 10,000,000

The total Auction proceeds is US$ 20,005,000. To ensure that consumer benefit fully from access to mobile broad band services TCRA has included the following coverage obligations in the license to be issued:

  • By end of year 2021, population coverage for broadband services meeting the specified quality of service level should be equal to 60%; and
  • By end of year 2024, population coverage should be equal to 90%.

TCRA congratulates Vodacom Tanzania PLC and Azam Telecom (T) Limited for their participation and acquisition of the 700 MHz spectrum.

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