T-Mobile CZ, Huawei trial Massive MIMO in Prague

The largest mMIMO test in continental Europe has been performed in Prague’s Petrovice district. The technology multiplies capacity resources, which increases transmission speeds for users

The magenta operator has been actively involved in the expansion of LTE-Advance Pro networks and the development of 5G networks within the Deutsche Telekom Group. In connection with this, T-Mobile Czech Republic tested Massive MIMO (mMIMO) technology for LTE, which is one of the key building blocks of the fifth-generation networks, in January and February this year.

mMIMO multiplies capacity resources for users who are simultaneously logged into a cell of a mobile transmitter, thus allowing them to enjoy higher data transmission speeds. T-Mobile performed the test in cooperation with Huawei. Compared with other pilot operations of this technology that have taken place so far, this was the largest test in continental Europe ever.

“The trial operation in the T-Mobile network will help not only us but the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. The fifth-generation networks will have to guarantee sufficient capacity for each end user and, thanks to the experience gained from this pilot operation as well as the recently announced extensive investments in fibre-optic networks, we will be ready for that,” says Branimir Marić, Technology and IT Director at T-Mobile.

The mMIMO technology improves data throughput and thus also the user experience of customers using mobile data services. Thanks to the large number of antenna elements, a base station antenna can create several closer beams at one time, pointing them directly to a specific user. The resources that are shared in the current LTE network can thus be used multiple times in the same area through a mobile cell.

The pilot operation took place in Prague’s Petrovice district on four base stations. In the ideal case, the mMIMO antenna solution can provide an approximate five-fold increase of the capacity of a transmitter cell; in practice, the capacity is usually doubled or tripled.


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