Orange and ZTE complete 5G call in Spain

Orange and ZTE have achieved a major milestone in the evolution of mobile networks in Spain by making the first 100% call with 5G voice and data technology in the city of Valencia using the Stand Alone (SA) architecture. 

This architecture is what allows operators to build a 5G network independent of the 4G infrastructure, differentiating from previous experiences with Non Stand Alone (NSA) architecture, which uses the 5G network only as a capacity extension of the 4G network. This is also the first experience with this technology in Europe.

To make this 100% 5G call, a 5G NR base station (New Radio), a core 5G network and test terminals have been used , reaching a data download speed of 876 Mbps with a user terminal and 3.2Gbps with 12 user terminals working simultaneously in the same cell. The technology used is fully compatible with the 3GPP SA Release 15 standard, which uses the commercial 5G end-to-end solution from ZTE. 

Mónica Sala, Orange Network Director, believes that "it is key to learn this new and disruptive technology, taking advantage, meanwhile, the growth margin of our 4G network, to offer our customers the best possible 5G network in the world. right moment. The know-how of ZTE is evident in this milestone and we are very proud of the results. "

For his part, Xiao Ming,  President of global Sales at ZTE, underlines that "for us, it is a great pleasure to work hand in hand with Orange for technological innovation and leadership in 5G. This lasting relationship will help us to learn how to monetize the 5G deployment."

5G for the digital transformation of Spanish society 

This milestone places Orange and ZTE at the forefront of 5G and establishes a solid foundation for the future deployment of the 5G network using the Stand Alone architecture, which will serve to complete and drive the digitalization of our society after the success achieved with the extension of fiber and 4G networks. In this way, the expectations promised by this new technology can be realized: very high speed, very low latency and millions of connected objects.

For the development of this new mobile network technology, Orange will test the 5G in its different architectures, working with all suppliers of equipment in the sector. It will also maximize the use cases that this technology allows, collaborating closely with  leading companies  in sectors of the economy such as construction, energy, health, automotive or tourism. In addition, Orange will also be associated with local administrations (City Councils and Autonomous Communities) as well as (and especially) with Universities to carry out these experiences.

Orange is carrying out tests around the 5G technology in Valencia, Seville, Malaga, Vigo, Santiago de Compostela , Barcelona and Bilbao, opting in these cities to the aid offered by the entity within the framework of aid of the Plan National 5G of the Ministry of Economy and Business.

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