Norwegian regulator gauges 700 MHz spectrum interest for offshore use

In autumn 2017, Nkom announced vacant frequency resources in the 900 MHz band for offshore use . After the application deadline, it turned out to be a surplus demand for these resources, and Nkom has decided to award spectrum licenses in this band at auction. In connection with the announcement of the 900 MHz band for offshore use, Nkom has also received questions about the time of allocation of the 700 MHz band offshore. Nkom believes that the two frequency bands by far will be substitutable because they are used for the same type of services and are close to each other in the frequency range.

On the mainland, the 700 MHz band today is used for digital television broadcasting (DTT) and Norges Televisie AS (NTV) is authorized to use the frequency band until June 2, 2021. Broadcasting transmitters transmit with high power and The signals range far beyond the mainland. The spectrum permissions in the 700 MHz band for offshore use will initially apply from June 3, 2021, but may come into effect earlier if the 700 MHz band is released to mobile communications on the mainland at an earlier date.

Nkom aims at the allocation of spectrum resources to be completed no later than two years before existing licenses in the frequency band expire. If there is demand for the 700 MHz band offshore at present, frequency resources will be allocated approximately three years before the latest releases to mobile broadband services. With available blocks in the 900 MHz band for offshore use to be allocated now, Nkom believes that it would be advantageous to allocate the 700 MHz band offshore at the same time if there is a surplus demand for these frequency resources. 

About frequency resources

Description of frequency resources

In the 700 MHz band 2 x 30 MHz will be assigned to mobile communications services. This constitutes the following frequency resources: 703 to 733 MHz and 758 to 788 MHz (further referred to as the 700 MHz band).

Geographical scope

Resources allocated in the 700 MHz band with offshore work area can be used on any plant and facilities associated with petroleum activities on the continental shelf and Norwegian ships. Resources can also be used on facilities and facilities for exploitation of renewable energy resources at sea within the scope of the Marine Energy Act.

The limit for the offshore working area and the coordination limit will be 70 km from the baseline. The limit may be waived by agreement between the holder of the spectrum license offshore and the holder of the land-based spectrum license (final time for the allocation of land-based spectrum licenses in the 700 MHz band is not set).


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