MTS Belarus Commercially Launches NB-IoT Network

MTS Belarus received permission from the State Commission for Radio Frequencies (GKRC) and is ready for commercial operation of the network for the Internet of things according to the NarrowBand Internet of Things (NB-IoT) standard. To create new products, all frequencies in the 900 MHz range provided in accordance with the decision of the GKRC are available.

The main elements of the MTS ecosystem are a dedicated radio access network and a cloud platform for processing traffic and storing data. At the moment, the operator has tested the infrastructure and confirms its readiness to create new digital solutions that will allow the release of unique products to the market.

"Our partners will have at their disposal not just the NB-IoT network, but an integrated ecosystem" turnkey "for data collection, analysis and management, remote control of devices. This will allow launching new technological solutions on the market that will solve specific tasks of businesses, and will further develop the life of modern society." commented the Head of the Technical Department Alexei Tyazhikh.

The NB-IoT network of MTS is dedicated and does not depend on the load on the 2G, 3G and 4G infrastructure. To create new digital products, the company can use all available radio frequencies in the 900 MHz band. The coverage of the NB-IoT signal is 20 decibels higher than in the case of GSM, which provides better penetrating power. Thanks to this, it is possible to unite in one network a technique that is even in hard-to-reach places, dense urban development and at great distances from the tower.

NB-IoT transmitters feature low cost, as well as ease of implementation and maintenance. In addition, they can function for up to 10 years from one battery in standalone mode and reliably encrypt information in the air interface.

The new standard has a number of important advantages: it provides a large network capacity and allows you to connect tens of thousands of devices to one base station. The operator's decision will not require customers to invest in the construction of its own NB-IoT network, which is also an obvious advantage.

Features of the MTS ecosystem

The NB-IoT mobile communication standard is designed for data exchange between different equipment: from medical equipment and energy meters to wearable gadgets, and POS terminals. With NB-IoT, many processes can be optimised through remote monitoring and management of devices, collection and processing of useful information. This technology is suitable for large and small organisations, households and ordinary users.

MTS in the IoT market

MTS in its network demonstrated the capabilities of NB-IoT for the first time at the exhibition "TIBO-2017" in conjunction with Huawei: a test zone was deployed to create new products and services. Visitors were convinced of the merits of technology on the example of specific products: an agricultural weather station, trackers for children and pets, as well as an "intelligent" lock for bicycle rental outlets.

NB-IoT can be successfully used in industry and healthcare, smart home and city systems, ecology and trade, transport and logistics, and in many other areas. Created by the NB-IoT ecosystem, MTS provides customers with the opportunity to test solutions based on IoT for their further implementation.

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