MobiCom introduce Mongolia's first LTE-A network

MobiCom Corporation LLC, KDDI's consolidated telecommunications subsidiary (Headquarters: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Chair and CEO: Tatsuya Hamada), announces commencement of high speed data communication service using carrier aggregation technology. The new service can achieve download speeds of up to 225 Mbps [1], twice as fast as any other service to date.

Carrier aggregation uses multiple frequency bands to enable customers to enjoy high-speed 4G data service. By combining data received over multiple frequencies, download speeds as high as 225 Mbps have been achieved.

MobiCom has deployed this high-speed data communication service using carrier aggregation in the capital, Ulaanbaatar and in Mongolia's second-largest city, Erdenet. MobiCom and KDDI will continue to increase our Mongolian customers' satisfaction with our services by improving service quality and implementing new technologies to provide a comfortable data communication environment.

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