MegaCom Kyrgyzstan receive 1800 MHz spectrum licence

MegaCom became the winner of the first electronic trading in the history of Kyrgyzstan in the form of an auction for the right to use radio frequencies in the 1800 MHz band. This will allow the company to expand existing GSM and LTE networks throughout the country.

The results of an online auction conducted by the State Communication Agency under the State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic (GKITS KR) were published on the internet resource on December 22, 2017. As a result, MegaCom became the owner of a license for the provision of mobile radiotelephone services of GSM and LTE standard and their subsequent modifications of 10 MHz in the bands of radio frequencies 1800 MHz.

The solemn presentation was attended by the employees of the Technical Directorate MegaCom, as well as representatives of the SAS KR. The license was awarded to the technical director of MegaCom company Batyrbek Dzhumabekov, the director of the GAS under the State Control Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic Elnar Subakozhoev.

"Along with the technical infrastructure, frequency resources are the main assets of cellular operators. The more their number, the more successful the development of broadband access and new communication standards. The received radio frequencies will be used by the company to increase the capacity of the network by almost two times. This means that our subscribers will soon be able to note a significant improvement in the quality of voice communications and the Internet, "said Batyrbek Jumabekov , technical director of MegaCom .

The starting price of the main lot was 205 252 000 soms. Terms of participation in the auction were simplified as much as possible: all comers had to make guarantee fees and undergo timely online registration.

"This kind of bidding is another step towards the implementation of the Taza Coom project, which ensures the transition of state-business interaction to reliable digital sites. Frequency allocation at auctions is an advanced world practice that allows you to send significant funds to the state budget on transparent terms, "says the director of the State Assurance Supervisory Committee under GKITS KR Elnar Subakozhoev.

The online auction was watched by observers from the representatives of GKITS KR, Association of Telecom Operators, PF "Civil Initiative of Internet Politics", International Business Council and direct participants. All observers noted transparency of trades and ensuring a high level of technical implementation of the process.


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