Kcell Kazakhstan announces launch of 4G+ LTE-A

Kcell and activ customers in these two cities are already able to enjoy record data speeds on their smartphones and tablets. Visit www.kcell.kz to check out Kcell’s 4G+ coverage map.

The main feature of LTE-Advanced is aggregation of 1800 MHz and 800 MHz frequency bands, which helps carriers to almost double data speeds vs. 4G, depending on how many frequencies are being aggregated and bandwidth. In order to enjoy 4G+ service, customers need mobile devices with LTE Advanced support that combine multiple data channels at once on different frequencies and provide a low response time (great news for the fans of multi-user online games!) and low battery usage.

The 4G+ technology allows customers to download «heavy» content in a matter of seconds and watch HD quality video at record speeds.

Today, Kcell Stores are offering almost all the latest products from well-known manufacturers that support this technology.

Kcell and activ will be charged for 4G+ (LTE Advanced) usage based on the same data rates as on 3G and 4G networks.

The Kcell network is deployed on the mobile network equipment provided by Ericsson, one of the world’s top suppliers of LTE technologies and services. In 2017, 4G + (LTE Advanced) standard will be launched in 9 more cities of Kazakhstan.