IoT Net Adria deploys first IoT network in Croatia using Sigfox technology

IoT Net Adria signed an exclusive agreement with Sigfox , the leading global IOT - of things and announced the launch of the first national IoT network in Croatia. In just 24 months, IoT Net Adria will establish a base station network that will cover 96% of the Croatian population and create a system that will encourage Croatian IT companies, system integrators, start-ups and individuals to engage in developing implementation-based implementations on Sigfox technology.

"Internet stuff is the next phase of technology development. IoT Net Adria represents a unique business opportunity, especially for innovative teams that want to offer their products and solutions globally. We accepted the challenge and boldly move on to the future to actively participate in its creation, " said Bruno Crnički, co-founder and executive director of IoT Net Adria.

Sigfox low-energy wireless broadband technology reduces the cost and amount of energy needed to securely connect things to the cloud. Instead of using existing technologies, Sigfox applies a unique approach. The company is launching the first global IoT network to listen to billions of data transfer facilities without the need to establish or maintain network connections. This revolutionary change, which significantly reduces energy consumption and costs, will be the driving force behind IoT's mass market.

"Croatia has a large number of qualified and trained engineers and start-ups but this is still not enough to encourage people to stay and secure the future in this country. We want to make our country a regional leader in terms of the rapid adoption of IoT and the creation of exciting new applications and devices. From today we have the opportunity to use global ecosystem operators and Sigfox partners to represent and export local IoT solutions , "added Bruno Crnički.

IoT Net Adria is a company founded by experienced Croatian IT and telecommunications specialists that address real business challenges for a large number of clients from sectors such as manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, transport and transportation, banking, insurance, environmental protection or innovative solutions for smart cities.

"We are excited about the opportunity to launch the first national IoT network in Croatia and set the groundwork for the mass introduction of IoT in Croatia and then the region. So far, we have gained very good experience in our market for IoT and stimulated significant enthusiasm for Sigfox's technology. Our vision is to become an important part of IoT and the technology of the future for a better, faster and better connectivity of devices and to facilitate our lives, "concluded Silvio Galić, co-founder and financial director of IoT Net Adria.

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