Elisa Estonia launches its NB-IoT network for corporate customers

From now on, Elisa's mobile network in Estonia is the first opportunity to connect a very large number of devices to the Internet of Things, which makes it much smarter for everyday life.

Elisa will be launching today the only revolutionary narrowband Internet of things , the NB-IoT network technology for its corporate customers, which allows two-way communication between the device and the end-user.

Margus Vaino , head of the Elisa Business Unit, said that on behalf of smarter services on the Internet, significant progress was made today, and as a result, Elisa has opened its network of the most widely-developed Internet-based technology in the world, NB-IoT, over the past year. "Compared to analog solutions, narrowband IoT has higher quality and security. Technology is suitable for everyday use, for example, for the transmission of all kinds of measurements - water, gas, electricity, and, moreover, smoke detectors, security equipment, agriculture, smart city solutions and logistics, "said Vaino.

The NB-IoT technology allows you to connect a very large number of devices to the mobile network, which in turn can communicate with the Internet. This is also the result of the Estonian-language name of the solution - the Internet of Things.

The head of the Elisa Technology Unit, Toomas Polli, said that over the past year, manufacturers have begun to develop a large number of NB-IoT modules, and the trend has been leaps and bounds. "The NB-IoT technology allows you to connect the equipment to the grid energy-efficient and transmit data at low signal strengths, which means that they can be successfully used in locations such as underground cellars or sewage receptacles to which normal 3G and 4G coverage does not reach," Polli outlined the benefits of a novel network solution. .

For example, in tests conducted in May this year in cooperation with FlyDog Solutions, the NB-IoT devices were able to transmit real-time water level data and visualize them on the Web at a depth of 1.5 meters underground.

The NB-IoT is a licensed frequency technology that always provides a reserved channel for devices, but with significantly wider coverage than existing mobile technologies. It is precisely this that allows the availability of the service and the use of different sensors under the underground or, for example, recessed into asphalt. These are important advantages of NB-IoT technology for other similar solutions. "Low-frequency devices are suitable for use in conditions where the volume of data transmission is not high, but it is important to ensure the lowest possible energy transmission. This ensures that equipment lasts more than 10 years without an external source of energy. Opening the NB-IoT network is an important step in the development of future 5G development, as the Internet of Things is one of the most important applications for 5G technology, "explained Polli.

The Elisa Business Client Unit is open to all forms of cooperation with both companies and startups to find new and exciting solutions for implementing NB-IoT.