DNA launches 5G network in Helsinki

DNA will open the 5G network in Helsinki at the turn of the year. In the first phase, the network covering the core areas will be expanded when terminal devices enter the market. DNA is also currently operating a fixed pilot for fixed 5G or Fixed Wireless Access technology in Vantaa. In addition, other 5G customer pilots will be launched in Finland during the spring.

DNA has systematically developed its mobile network towards the 5G era. The network has introduced 5G-capable technology, and network capacity has been increased to meet new requirements. Based on the license granted in autumn 2018, the 5G network can be opened at the turn of the year. The network is at an early stage more essential for the development of 5G services than for customers.

“The availability of terminal equipment is initially non-existent, as standardization is still being finalized, and equipment manufacturers are waiting for it to be taken into production. Technology vendors will launch the first 5G generation network and terminal devices in the early part of the year. The primary purpose of our primary network is to test its capabilities even more, ” says Pekka Väisänen, Director of Consumer Affairs at DNA . 

“We want our customers to have an excellent 5G experience that meets their expectations and that is why we decided that it is not the right time to bring the 5G subscriptions and services on offer,” Pekka Väisänen continues.

DNA expands its 5G services on the basis of customer needs. The 5G network will be expanded when high-end terminals are generally on the market, and fixed 5G services will become available once the required technical features have been adequately tested and suitable customer terminals become available.

Getting up to speed, 5G enables data transmission connections with a much faster and shorter delay, which gives consumers and businesses higher quality and versatile data services. The first beneficiaries of the 5G network are those homeowners and businesses with no fiber access.

4G remains important for a long time to come

In addition to 5G investments, DNA is continuously expanding and expanding its 4G network. In DNA's view, 4G remains the main technology for mobile networks and the most widely used network of customers and terminals, despite the result of 5G.

Long-term testing of fixed-wall 5G wallcoverings for small houses

DNA is currently testing high-quality broadband via a mobile network in the Vantaa residential area. The Fixed Wireless Access technology test is part of DNA's service development, which results in high-speed broadband connections for small houses and businesses in areas where no fiber is available. 

“Fixed 5G offers high quality wireless connectivity to the property. In many cases, it can replace the fiber coming into the property, and DNA's fixed 5G will solve the problem of inadequate network connections in many areas, ”Väisänen says.

Later in 2019, DNA will launch several 5G pilots across Finland.


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