Cytamobile-Vodafone unveils 525 Mbps LTE-A 4.5G network in Cyprus

STATE-owned telecoms company Cyta on Friday unveiled its mobile-internet speed upgrade to 4.5G, saying it was part of the complete upgrade and modernisation of its mobile telephony network.

At a news conference in the company’s Nicosia headquarters, board chairwoman Rena Rouvitha-Panou said that, in the context of its public character, Cyta is obliged to move forward with “speed, flexibility, effectiveness, and business orientation, in a tough competitive environment”.

“Cyta proves, once again, that it has been and will continue to be here, leading the evolution of communication,” she said.

“With this new generation of networks, Cyta once more leads the way and brings tomorrow today in communication.”

Acting CEO Michalis Achilleos said evolution is a continuous process for Cyta, which is why “it continues to invest more and more in solutions that can render its networks an important platform of innovation and growth, but mostly transform and expand human interaction”.

“Cyta turns trends into action and meets the needs of its customers, who demand flexibility, ease, and speed,” he said.

The 4.5G technology is a reliable feature of Cytamobile-Vodafone’s upgraded network, the event’s anchor Panayiotis Hadjidakis noted.

On the technical characteristics, senior technology and information systems director Chrysis Finiotis said Cyta’s network ranks among the best in the world.

“With geographic and population coverage of over 99.5 per cent in 3G and 75 per cent population coverage in 4G, customers can enjoy the benefits of the fastest and most technologically advanced mobile-telephony network in Cyprus,” Finiotis said.

He added that the new 4.5G product is now available through 50 base stations in all urban centres and main tourist areas across the island, thus serving most customers with speeds up to 525 Mbps, while very soon the technological capabilities offered by the 4.5G network will enable the company to offer its customers speeds of up to 700 Mbps.

Senior director of commercial services Yiannis Koulias said that the “sharp increase in speeds brings increased productivity and expedites the direct linking of all personal smart devices into a single ecosystem”.

“The new 4.5G network changes customers’ daily life on a practical level, since it offers them extremely high browsing speeds, immediate downloading of music and video, fast uploading on social networks, high-quality viewing, and much more,” Koulias said.

A necessary requirement to enjoy the full experience of the 4.5G network is a compatible smartphone, he added, before unveiling the offers created for all Cytamobile-Vodafone Red customers over the next three months.