CWC first Caribbean LTE-A Pro trial in Antigua heralds 2 to 5 Gbps 5G Networks

“This pre-5G trial in the Caribbean, is a significant step towards the evolution of C&W’s mobile networks across the region to 5G, and providing Gigabit speeds to our customers in Antigua”

John Reid, CEO of C&W Communications (C&W) at the 33rd Canto annual conference in the Dominican Republic on Monday July 17, 2017

On Monday July 17th, 2017 CWC (Cable & Wireless Communications), the telecom provider that Liberty Global controls, dropped something so monumental at the 33rd Canto annual conference in the Dominican Republic….that it makes LTE look like it’s not even tryin’!

The pre-5G technology trial, which was done at a cost of US$5 million paves the way to converting Antigua into the first country in the region with an LTE-A Pro network.

And the speeds?

As fast as 800 Mbps with lower latency, more capacity and improved reliability for customers, according to CWC. CWC is betting big on Antigua, with plans to sandbox the entire island by upgrading the island’s wireless infrastructure with another capital injection of US$5 million in this ambitious effort.

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